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Published: July 8, 2013

Gridiron ExpertsCountdown to Memberships!

This teaser video is a quick preview of two of our Gridiron Experts membership tools. First up is our Fantasy players rankings page with it’s Custom ranking tool. This feature allows the reader to adjust our projections to your leagues scoring settings. This tool will be used all through the season to not only get you ready for your draft, but week to week rankings to help you with your line-ups. This allows for more accurate results to help you win your week and make your draft board this summer. Speaking of draft boards, the second tool in this teaser video is our Drag and Drop Fantasy Draft board maker. This “gotta-have it” tool allows members to easily make their very own draft board in seconds. The Draft board maker has a convenient Save option and print feature, with over 200 players on the board.

“It’s easier than moving apps around on your iPhone” -Mike Rigz

Gridiron Experts memberships are set to launch soon!

ps- If you’re pausing the video to get a sneak peek at our rankings, we are finalizing our player rankings this weekend -lol

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  1. Nick says:

    Holy Crap! I want one. That draft board will help me so much

  2. Steve Harper says:

    Nice work guys, I can’t wait to sign up, when’s the release date?

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