Game of Thrones: Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team Names

Game of Thrones: Fantasy Football Team NamesGame of Thrones is by far one of the most popular themes for fantasy football this season. The HBO hit show about seven noble families fighting for control of the mythical land of Westeros, kinda fits the “fantasy football” culture in a way. For some, comparing professional football to an epic fantasy television drama about knights, gods and even dragons is a bit of a stretch, but those people are not hooked like the rest of the world.

I stumbled upon an awesome stash of Game of Throne Gif’s, and thought these would be excellent to use for a fantasy football team names article. The problem is, coming up with team names based around the show is nearly impossible. FF Team names like Matthew Stafford Infection, Ice Cold Bruschi’s or Big Gores Don’t Cry is so much easier to slap together. The character names of Game of Thrones are just too weird, the only name I could come up with was James Starks of Winterfell, but that’s not that great considering he is low on the depth chart. So… I’m improvising, The following is a collection of potential fantasy football team names, some great trash talk images and Gif’s for message boards and icons for your team logo. If you have a suggestion or an image or gif please send it to me and I’ll add it.


Mother Of Dragons

Ideally this Game of Thrones character is suited for all the ladies of fantasy football, but Daenerys Targaryen is so badass coming up with a team name based around her really shouldn’t be a gender thing… it should be a dragon thing.

Team name suggestions:

  • Mother Of Dragons
  • Triple Dragon
  • Fire and Blood
  • Where are my Dragons!
  • Dracarys!”

More Daenerys Targaryen quotes




Fantasy Football Team Names
Fantasy Football Team NamesJon Snow MemeJon Snow Meme

Jon Snow

Do people even like this guy? -I don’t even know anymore. Personally I tune out anything in the north. His character is getting better for sure, but I find I’m waiting for Jon Snow to do something cool. He is in some way or another constantly letting  me down. Jon Snow remind’s me of the dull guy that shows up to a party and says two words, you wouldn’t even know he was there if you didn’t ask him to get you a beer.

When Ygritte came into the story line scene’s definitely got more entertaining, but overall Jon Snow seems like a wuss. The best team name I found were:

  • Crows Before Hoes
  • Jon Snow Knows Nothing
  • A Bastards Sort of Honor
  • Jon Colonel Angus
  • I Know Nothing
  • I Can Take an Arrow or Two




Tyrion Lannister

Nicknamed the Imp or Halfman, Tyrion Lannister is the youngest son of Joanna Lannister and Lord Tywin Lannister. Tywin is the head of House Lannister, the richest man in the Seven Kingdoms and Lord Paramount of the Westerlands.

By far Tyrion is one of the most popular characters on the hit HBO show the Game of Thrones and I’m sure he could attract some great fantasy football team names this season.

The Following Team names may work for your fantasy league this season:

  • Imping Ain’t Easy
  • Demon Monkey
  • God of Tits and Wine
  • Drunk like Tyrion
  • Drunken Tyrion

My favorite quote from Tyrion was: “My sister has mistaken me for a mushroom. She keeps me in the dark and feeds me sh!t.”




Game of Thrones Fantasy Football Team Names

  • The White Welkers
  • Pussy Smoke Monster
  • Hodor Limousine Service
  • The King Slayer
  • Wildling to the Bone
  • Eli Manning the Wall
  • Joffrey The Douche
  • Winter is Cuming
  • The Red Wedding
  • Theon Greyjoy Sausages
  • The Hound
  • Robb Stark’s Honeymoon
  • The Mad King
  • Davos Seaworth Speak and Spell
  • Bran Stark’s Psychic Friends Network
  • Lord of Casterly Rock
  • Melisandre’s Magic
  • Suggest one in the Comment Section!

Game of Throne Division Suggestions:

  • House Targaryen
  • House Baratheon
  • Night’s Watch
  • House Lannister
  • House Greyjoy
  • Wildlings
  • The Red Wedding

Best GoT FF Comment Suggestions

  • King in the NFC North
  • Arya ready for some football
  • 3rd and LongClaw
  • Stannis the Mannis
  • Gridiron Born
  • Demaryius Targaryen
  • The Silver Queen’s Slaves
  • Doug R.R. Martin

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