Friday Favorites: Bring on the Weekend!

Fantasy Football Friday Favorites

I think I like the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders more than I like the actually Miami Dolphins 

Fantasy Football Friday Favorites

The NFL Draft is still too far away, but the Mock Drafts, team rumors and depth chart analysis will go from usefully and interesting to annoying and ridiculous between now at Kansas City’s first overall pick. We love the NFL draft as much as you do, but at some point you just want something else to sink your teeth into. The following links are articles suggested by the writing staff for great reads, we also tossed in some of our classics. Check out this weeks crop of Gridiron Experts Friday Favorites:

The Best Fantasy Option: Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson?

Who is going to be the more consistent fantasy performer in 2013, Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson? This is a question that will continue to plague the minds of fantasy owners the world over between now and September. check out: ProFootballFocus

2013 NFL Free Agent Grades

I’ll list the good and bad moves made during the trade deadline and in free agency on this page. I’ll also break down any significant trades check out:

One Families Year of the NFL Tirades

A Reddit user took the trouble to film his friend, an Eagles fan, his friend’s brother, a Seahawks fan, and their father, a Cowboys fan, watching games at home for the entire NFL season. Leaving aside the immediate question of how a Cowboys fan raised an Eagles fan… super funny but NSFW due to about a thouse F-Bombs. check out: Kissingsuzykolbercom

50 Funny Fantasy Football Team NamesFunny Fantasy Football Team Names

Dusting off a old classic here at Gridiron Experts. Mike finds the perfect eye candy to accompany a funny list of funny fantasy football team names. This year’s edition is rumored to be more in-depth than ever, providing not only funny team names but trash talk for your league.

The year after this article came out we did a follow up, we created a list that included a pic and fantasy football team name that was a spin off of  Kate Upton’s “Teach me how to Dougie”, we bugged her on Twitter and she commented on the article, it went viral for about a week…Mike wouldn’t shut up about it for weeks.

Wow, Now That’s Rich ’13

The 2013 free agency period has slowed considerably since mid-March, giving us time to reflect fully upon signings that took place over the past three weeks. Let’s take a look back at players whose recently-signed contracts don’t match their on-field performance. check out:


The Friday Favorites Lightning Round:


Yeah Yeah… More Cheerleaders Guys!

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders dolphins-cheerleader-bikini-512 dolphins-cheerleader-uniform-512 miami-dolphins-cheerleaders-2013-calendar Miami-Dolphins-Cheerleaders_full_diapos_large Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders dolphins1 (1) miami-dolphins-cheerleaders-op3z-38525-mid Miami-Dolphins-Cheerleaders-2010_full_diapos_large

The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders have Calendars you know, buy one here

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