Fantasy Player Rankings Week 9

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Published: October 30, 2012

Fantasy Football Rankingsfantasy player rankings week nine

Production was hard to come by last week, some of the leagues top fantasy studs left owners high and dry. Benchwarmers came out to play which has now lead to many fantasy owners second-guessing themselves heading into week nine. Before you bench your starters or trade your team away in haste, we suggest checking out our Wednesday evening Fantasy High-Five article, where we will be discussing Calvin Johnson’s fantasy stock, streaky fantasy players,  and a few other popular NFL topics.

If your team is made up of mostly Patriots and 49ers, and you’re looking for a few bye week replacement players, I suggest our week nine waiver wire pickups article.

Gridiron Experts is always here to answer your fantasy football questions on Twitter, please make sure that you compare our fantasy rankings first, as it is our resource for answering Q&A.

The following are our week 9 Fantasy Player Rankings:

2012 Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros


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Discussion17 Comments

  1. Dave says:

    Detroit, Miami or Atlanta week 9? Need some big points

  2. keith says:

    Would you challenge a trade sending Lloyd and Dreesen for O. Daniels and A.Boldin or are my league-mates oversensitive?

    • Jody Smith says:

      Assuming standard scoring, Lloyd (61.5 fpg) plus Dreessen (33.3), for Boldin (51.6) and Daniels (65.6). So it’s a slight downgrade at receiver for a bigger boost at tight end. It’s definitely favorable for one side, but nothing blatant that I would make a big stink about UNLESS it’s obvious that the side with Lloyd is obviously dumping (he’s on bye) to help the other guy win this week.

  3. Jeff says:

    Due to injuries galore and byes, I need to start a WR off waivers for flex.
    Or I could go with Forsett.
    What do you think?

  4. peter says:

    hey what do you think if pierre thomas this week and moving forward?

  5. Conor says:

    Choose 3 please.. standard scoring

    Denarius Moore
    Randall cobb
    Mike williams

  6. Jeff says:

    No, Shorts has been claimed. All of the last minute starters were sitting on peoples benches. It’s a deep league. By the way, Greg Little has been dropped. Should I go with him? I’m also starting T-Rich.

  7. Joe says:

    Cam Newton or Big Ben this week? I don’t trust Cam as much as Big Ben anymore

  8. Lucas says:

    Flex: Trent Richardson, Miles Austin or Jason Witten?

    Also, given the following team ( would you try a trade to get Demaryius Thomas? I was about to offer Jamaal Charles + Miles Austin + Torrey Smith, but Smith and Charles are pretty garbage right now. Any insights?

  9. Burgess says:

    Great site! I really appreciate your rankings list. I notice Donald Brown going against a top 5 run defense is ranked higher than Titus Young and Josh Gordon … how is that?

    Thank you for humoring me. This is my first year and I have a lot to learn.

    • Jody Smith says:

      Donald Brown looks to be firmly in a timeshare situation with Vick Ballard, meaning you never know who may get valuable goal line carries, and the two backs are likely to limit each other’s potential. In a committee like Indy has, you’re looking at neither back getting more than 12-15 touches. Obviously that limits the potential of a break-out performance.

  10. He guys, if we don’t get to your questions right away, that’s probably because we’re answering Q&A on Twitter. Feel free to hit us up there. Don’t forget to check out some of our latest articles for the week:
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  11. peter says:

    hey what do you think of pierre thomas this week and moving forward?

  12. greg says:

    fred jackson or mikel leshure?

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