Fantasy High 5: Rashad Jennings & Sleeper Starters

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Published: October 24, 2012

Fantasy High 5: Gridiron Experts weekly article where we discus trending moves around the NFL and fantasy football world.

Whose the most frustrating fantasy player you own thus far?

Brian JerzakBrian Jerzak: Greg JenningsChris Johnson – to quote The Godfather Part III, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” I was ready to cut ties with Johnson, but now he looks like he is getting on track. I don’t trust him and don’t know what to do with him.
Ryan Miller: The most frustrating player I own this year is Antonio Gates. Gates has missed games, under performed, and just all around been a worthless tight end. I stayed away from Vick, CJ2Lame, McFadden, and Jimmy Graham so I feel lucky that Gates is my only problem.
Robert James: I totally agree with Brian, but even worse now than CJ2K has to be Larry Fitzgerald. With the horrible QB play and lackluster running game, teams have been keying on Fitz and taking him out of the game. From a fantasy perspective he has scored less than his teammate, Andre Roberts, and no one would have thought that in the beginning of the season.
Jody SmithJody Smith: Calvin Johnson- his catch and yardage numbers were actually exceeding last year’s pace- but the dip in touchdowns is killing the owner that drafted him in the first round.

Zhan Mourning: Philip Rivers. I was expecting a bounce back year from him, but I guess he truly is on the decline. Some will blame the coaching staff, front office, or playmakers around him. The fact is, that in the past Rivers has actually had worse talent around him due to injuries and still produced.
Ken Reiser: Greg Jennings. It is absolutely astounding to me that he has been injured so badly and even when he does play, he has simply not produced. Less Commercials, More TD’s Read my Letter!

Sean Herman: Greg Jennings. I took Rodgers in the first round and thought I had the top tandem when Jennings was available in the second round. I have only been able to start him twice this season and he is not droppable or tradable. Luckily I got Cobb in the 15th round, so I still have a nice pair but still. Ken is right, the guy needs to quit doing push ups with jet skis on his back and get back to catching passes.
Connor Smith: Jay Cutler. I got him in the middle rounds on the one team where I didn’t draft a QB in the top four rounds. I thought I was still pretty set with him at quarterback, but mostly he’s just reminded me why I do take QB’s high. I resorted to grabbing Alex Smith off waivers, but he immediately stunk it up against the Giants, and to a lesser extent Seattle. I think I’m putting Cutler back in against Carolina, but expectations aren’t high.


With the pressure for losing teams to shake things up, what are your thoughts to potential fantasy sleepers moving forward?

Brian JerzakBrian Jerzak: It seems like the Eagles a two game losing streak from blowing that team up. Keep an eye on Riley Cooper, Damaris Thomas and yes, Nick Foles.

Ryan Miller: I like Brandon Weeden going forward. Not that the Browns will have a chance to make the playoffs but they will still try to win some games down the strech.

Jody SmithJody Smith: Randall Cobb has been a top 5 receiver over the past three games, and the Packers are going to continue to try to find way to get him the ball. He should be able to make an impact even when Greg Jennings returns, and he’s not even owned in half of fantasy leagues. Yet.
Zhan Mourning: Brandon Myers has been a tight end that has helped out alot of people during bye weeks. His targets have increased each week and he will continue to be more involved with the offense especially given the Raiders WR injury history. Now if only Myers could get in the endzone.
Connor Smith: Chris Givens of the Rams. He’s already a killer on the long ball (261 yards on just 8 catches in his last four games) so if he can develop any semblance of a short game, he’ll be a great asset to own.


What recent injuries do you see impacting the world of Fantasy

Connor Smith: Beware, Chris Johnson resurrection hopefuls – Titans left tackle Michael Roos was diagnosed with appendicitis and had an appendectomy on Monday. He’s officially day-to-day, but the history of NFL players being active the week after an appendectomy is not good. Chris Johnson was just getting back on track with 195 yards against Buffalo, but if Roos’ absence stretches into weeks it could spell trouble.

Ryan Miller: Trent Richardson. Apparently he informed the media his injury was worse than first disclosed. This will force the Browns to throw the ball more thus giving my losing team sleeper Brandon Weeden a great opportunity to show what he has got.

Zhan Mourning: Pierre Garcon. He is killing pretty much everyone that drafted him. It looks like Santana Moss has taken his spot for now, but everyone is still hoping Leonard Hankerson will break out soon.

Robert James: Alex Green – Especially this week against a very giving Jacksonville D, Green should find some nice running lanes due to the improved play of Rodgers and Co. in the passing game.

Chris StrongChris Strong: I may be going out on a limb here, but Phillip Tanner may be the go-to guy as the running back in Big D. He has big shoes to fill and needs to step up and help the Cowboys perform well going forward.


Give us one fantasy Start recommendation that most people will Sit due to the match-up

Ryan Miller: Don’t sit good players based on matchup, if they are good players then they will still perform. Don’t sit AP, Doug Martin, McCoy, Alfred Morris, or Michael Turner. You drafted them to start not ride the bench. If you have questions about who to start make sure you catch our player rankings every week.
Jody SmithJody Smith: A lot of people will sit Larry Fitzgerald this week because the Cardinals are playing the 49ers, but he’s actually scored a touchdown in three straight vs. San Francisco and has gone over 125 yards in 2 of those 3.

Zhan Mourning: Raiders defense. They aren’t the best defense in the league by any means, but give me any defense playing against Brady Quinn any day of the week.

Robert James: Josh Freeman – Now I normally wouldn’t recommend Freeman against a very good Vikings D, but with the confidence and rapport he has built with Vincent Jackson, I see no reason to not start him, especially if you’re in a bye week pinch.
Sean Herman: Doug Martin looks like he may be back to where he was the first couple weeks of the season, which is a good thing for Martin owners. I like him to find the end zone for the second week in a row, even against the Vikings D.
Chris StrongChris Strong: I’m with Robert on this, Josh Freeman had a very good game last week against the Saints. Yes it was against one of the worst defenses in the league, but even so Freeman should be able to pull off another good week going against a tough as nails Vikings defense. Put in Freeman if you’re desperate for a starting quarterback.
Connor Smith: Both Larry Fitzgerald and Vernon Davis. The 49ers don’t give much to receivers, nor do the Cardinals to tight ends, but they both have better than a 1:2 touchdown-to-game ratio against the other team. It also happens to be a Monday night game, so you know both guys will be looking to step it up.


Any value in Chris Cooley or Rashad Jennings?

Ryan Miller: With MJD out Jennings will fill a big role, but he did it well during the hold out. I like him going forward as a flex player or even a weak RB2. Cooley would have to prove something to me. The Redskins barely used a much more talented Fred Davis so I would find it hard to believe they are going to get Cooley more involved.
Jody SmithJody Smith: Cooley didn’t look like he had much left last year. He’s worth a flier in really deep leagues, but temper expectations. Rashad Jennings will be a top 20 back and one of the few full-time featured runners available.
Chris StrongChris Strong: I wouldn’t expect to get much value out of either of these guys. Chris Cooley has slowing down a lot and Jennings may not be the confident replacement fantasy owners are looking for to replace MJD.
Connor Smith: Nothing wrong with some speculation in Rashad Jennings, as long as you have a fluff player on your roster you can drop with no regret. Jennings should get plenty of opportunities, at the very least.


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