Fantasy Football Trade Tactics

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Fantasy Football Trade Tactics

Fantasy Football Trade TacticsThe famous country singer Kenny Rogers once said “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.” I think that is a great way to look at trades in fantasy football. Two weeks into the season and everyone is wanting to buy the guys like Robert Griffin III and Kevin Ogletree and sell the likes of Tom Brady and Miles Austin. There are many things to consider when making a trade, especially this early into the season. Here are a few key things to remember as you sort through all those crazy trade offers.

Player Evaluation– The most important part of trades is learning to evaluate players. Everyone has their own way of evaluating and you learn how to form opinions over time. Your opinion on a player’s talent and future opportunity is one of the most important factors to consider during a trade.

Popular Waiver Wire Pickups– Fantasy owners ALWAYS go crazy for the latest waiver wire pickup of the week. Be on the lookout to pick up players, regardless if you need them or plan on playing them. The idea is you can try picking these guys up, then try and trade them immediately while their value is high. Remember though, don’t drop a potential stud on your bench for the latest flavor of the week. YOUR personal evaluation of the player should determine what kind of value you can get out of him.

Overall Record- Starting the year off 3-0 means nothing, but at least by winning a few games you have a general feel for how your team will continue to produce. Now might be the time to look for some quality depth for the future. One thing to avoid is going into “fire sale” panic mode. just because your star players are off to poor starts or your team is 0-3 doesn’t mean you should panic. Remain patient and trust your own evaluations and judgement.oking to fill some holes in your roster. If your team has glaring needs, look to trade a player on a hot streak that you don’t feel can continue that trend, for some players that you feel will be more consistent starts over the course of the season.

Intelligent offers– When trying to make trades with other league members it is very important to be smart and not offer trades like Nate Washington for Ray Rice and Tom Brady. These will instantly get ignored, and I’m sure you will get a very colorful reply. It could also hurt your trading opportunities for the remaining season by building that reputation among other league members.

Your Team- Remember that trading is all about improving your team. If you are considering making an offer or reviewing an offer, don’t take it unless it helps your team. It can be beneficial when trading to look at the other team’s roster to see what they might need from your team in order for you to get that player you want. If a trade seems like its a wash, and your team will not improve by the move, don’t do it.

Losing The Trade- Lets say you feel that you are one player away from having a championship contender. Don’t be afraid to overpay on a trade if you feel it will get you the player you covet. That one player could make the difference in your team making the playoffs.

Player Value- Trading for a player that’s been on a hot streak, is not normally advised. In most cases owners have to overpay to the extreme. Instead, try and target players that might have a good opportunity or break out later into the season for a cheaper price.

Fantasy Football Trade tactics can take time and experience to get good at, but by using these rules you can make the most of your fantasy season.Being a good fantasy general manager is the best way to improve your chances of making the playoffs and winning a championship.

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