Fantasy Football Team Names 2013

Fantasy Football Team Names2013 Fantasy Team Names Edition

Back before the beautiful Kate Upton owned the internet, I did a funny fantasy football team name article and featured a sexy photo of her in it. That season I dominated all of my fantasy leagues, like crushed it. I remember destroying owners in leagues while laughing devilishly upon a pedestal like a mythical god. -Actually it was a lot of close wins and hard work, but the story’s cooler with the eradication of fantasy owners everywhere. So…like a  pair of lucky socks or a trusted bottle opener, I’m looking to recreate that magic for the 2013 season by adding another mesmerizing photo of Kate into this years’ fantasy team name article.

Superstition and winning  go hand in hand. That’s why picking a great fantasy team name is an important first task for your season. Your team name has to have a nice ring to it, maybe reflect your freshly drafted roster, or simply make people laugh. The best fantasy football team names are usually inside-jokes with your buddies or league owners, yet some owners love the off the wall wacky names to just mess with your head.

It should be pointed out that adding a sweet signature to your squad of NFL fantasy stars doesn’t mean instant success, you’ll still need to have a great draft. Gridiron Experts has some amazing features in our Memberships this year that you should definitely check out. Head writer Jody Smith was FantasyPros most accurate expert for 2012, and is spearheading our rankings for much of the year. On top of his elite rankings we have also added a Custom Player Rankings Tool that allows you to adjust your leagues’ scoring settings to our award winning projections. We also have a pretty kickass Drag-n-Drop Draft Board for making your fantasy prep work a piece of cake. Check out all these features and so much more with the Gridiron Experts Membership!

TV or Movie Inspired Team Names

  1. Marshawn of the Dead
  2. Jake Hurt Locker
  3. Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles
  4. Discount Double Check
  5. Why Suh Serious?
  6. RG-3PO
  7. The Big Tebowski
  8. Dez-ed and Confused
  9. Say Helu To My Little Friend
  10. The Bryce is Right

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Clever Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. 12 Items or Bess
  2. Medulla Amendola
  3. Paperbag SanchezWich
  4. Titus Young’s Defense Team
  5. Formerly known as Prince Amakamura

Dirty Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Hand Schaub
  2. Wilfork on 1st Date
  3. Jacquizz in my pants
  4. Wine Her Dine Her 49er
  5. Calvin’s Johnson
  6. Asomugha To Mouth
  7. Golden  Taint
  8. Ballz Deep
  9. IPead in her Asomugha
  10. Urine Trouble


Photo Credit: Sportsillustrated

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Hernandez Pistol Offense
  2. Kaep’n Crunch
  3. Fire Cris Collinsworth
  4. Password Is Taco
  5. The Ryan King
  6. Weeden Start The Fire
  7. Chipadelphia
  8. Fu-Man-Suh
  9. The U.S. Marshalls
  10. Breesus Christ
  11. Fleetwood Maclins
  12. 50 Shades of Ray
  13. Fake Dead Girlfriends
  14. Belicheck Yo Self
  15. Too Legit to Britt
  16. Thrift Schaub
  17. E-Vick-tion Notice
  18. Ngata Chance in Hell
  19. Witteness Protection Program
  20. I Can’t Believe it’s Not Cutler
  21. Plain Gabbert
  22. Henne Given Sunday
  23. Tootsie Sproles
  24. C.J. Beer Spillers
  25. Touch Me And I’ll Suh
  26. Bros Before Tebows
  27. RG 3000
  28. Mark Ingram Toenails
  29. Montee Ball or Nothing
  30. Last Train to Dumervil
  31. Booze Cruz
  32. Makin’ It Wayne
  33. Speedy GonWallace
  34. Bowe’s and Hoes
  35. Antonio Brownderez
  36. Double Decker with Cheese
  37. CSI Hernandez
  38. Clean out Ur-lacher
  39. In the purSuh of happiness
  40. Mercilus Crusaders
  41. Let’s get Rasharded
  42. Rex’s Foot Soldiers
  43. Jacuzzi Rodgers
  44. VICKtory is Mine!
  45. Back That Pass Up


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