50 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team NamesNaming your fantasy football team is an important and fun tradition. The victory of a fantasy win is so much sweeter when the text message is sent from a funny team name like “Vicks Vapor Rub” or “Ice Cold Bruschi’s”. Check out previous yearly lists of our Fantasy Football team names!

  1. Teach Me How To Dougie Martin
  2. The Jersey Leshoure
  3. Revis and Butthead
  4. The Arian Brotherhood
  5. Danny’s Woodhead
  6. I’m thinking RBs
  7. Corn on the Schaub
  8. Breakin 2 Electric Legedu
  9. The Godfavre
  10. Henne Nut Cheerios
  11. Burressted Development
  12. Cassel Greyskull
  13. Schaub Shank Redemption
  14. OMG They Killed Kenny Britt
  15. Cry Me a Rivers
  16. Romosexual
  17. Red Hot Julius Peppers
  18. To Hell in a Hank Baskett
  19. When in Romo
  20. Scratching Your Cotchery
  21. Matthew Stafford Infection
  22. So You Think You Can Dansby
  23. Vicks Vapor Rub
  24. Cowboys and Illegal Aliens
  25. Golden Tate Bridge
  26. Gran Moreno
  27. Ben There Raped That
  28. Take a Henne, Leave a Henne
  30. The HILLIS have Eyes
  31. Colston Creamery
  32. Welker To The Jungle
  33. Welker Back Kotter
  34. Boldin The Beautiful
  35. Corn On The Kolb
  36. Henne Baked Ham
  37. MendenHall & Oates
  38. Whatchu talkin’ bout Hillis?
  39. Ice Cold Bruschi’s
  40. Under Extreme Burress
  41. Return of The Eli
  42. Jake’s Hurt Locker
  43. INterCEPTION
  44. Matt Saracen’s Crazy Grandma
  45. Baby Back Cribbs
  46. Rockout With Your Lockout
  47. I Gotta Feely
  48. Forsett in Her Butt
  49. Wet Dream Team
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Fantasy Football Team Names Fantasy Football Team Names

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