Fantasy Football Buy Low Sell High: Week 5

Fantasy Football Buy Low Sell High Fantasy Buy Low Sell High

Most fans and sports media outlets are talking about buying or selling teams to make the playoffs or to have a certain number of wins. That most likely wont help your fantasy teams though. Since we are about a quarter of the way through the season lets look at who to buy and sell for fantasy purposes after week 4.

Buy ’em

Matthew StaffordQB- Matthew Stafford: Everyone is down on Stafford since the season started. The majority of that opinion has to do the Lions win/loss record. Actually Stafford’s stats have been very close to what they were last season through four games with only a slight dip in the touchdowns. If you need a quarterback, Stafford might be the best buy low candidate you can find.

RB- Ryan Mathews: With the recent news of Jackie Battle being the number one running back on the Chargers depth chart, there is no better time than now to get Mathews on the cheap. The best current comparison for Mathews might be Chicago’s Matt Forte. Mathews might not get the goal line work, and might not play all three downs, but will make up for it in the passing game.

WR-Jeremy Maclin: Between the nagging injuries, and him basically no-showing in Week Four, it’s an understatement to say owners aren’t happy owning Maclin, but he is still clearly the number one receiver on the team when healthy. The Eagles play-calling has been very pass-heavy, which will only benefit Maclin moving forward. If you feel like taking a bit of a gamble and need a receiver, do what you can to acquire Jeremy Maclin.

TE- Aaron Hernandez: You may be able to find an owner that is tired of waiting on Hernandez to come back. I have even seen him dropped in a few leagues, which is crazy. He should be put right back into the offense where he left off upon his return. Hernandez might have the highest upside of any current tight end in the NFL.

Sell ’em

Jay CutlerQB-Jay Cutler: There may be a small window after Week Four to get something for this guy. Someone will want him as a bye week replacement, injury insurance, or to replace an under-performing starter. He will have a few more quality games but his production seems to come literally every other week and when it doesn’t, your looking at single digit fantasy points.

RB-Doug Martin: Martin’s carries as well as his yards-per-carry have decreased in each game. The offense as a whole hasn’t lived up to expectations. The Bucs seem to be working Legarrette Blount into the game-plan more and more as the season goes along. While he is the number one back right now for Tampa Bay, its doubtful he puts up RB1 numbers going forward this season. Look for an owner needing a running back and see what you can get for Martin.

WR-Dez Bryant: Dez could have some good games in the future but the problem is it’s too hard to predict when. The amount of dropped balls as well as his diva attitude is a huge cause for concern. There will be an owner in your league somewhere that will always believe in him. Help him out by trading him a “bargain” with Bryant.

TE-Jermichael Finley: The hype on Finley comes from his athleticism, size and the offense he plays in. However people seem to be looking over the fact that he drops a lot of balls and in that offense the ball gets spread around a lot. Finley is far from the number one target on the team and could start to lose Aaron Rodgers trust if he keeps dropping balls. If you have a good back up tight end, or think you can get one, look to deal Finley for what you can.

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