Denarius Moore and Vincent Brown Steal The Show

Fantasy Studs Take Back Seat to Thursday Night Sleepers

Raiders 24-17The Chargers were expected to win Thursday, and for good reason: they have Philip Rivers (normally a fantasy football must-have Quarterback), Vincent Jackson (a clutch vertical-threat), and Antonio Gates (a yearly Pro Bowl stud). The Chargers are usually AFC powerhouses, and the Raiders are…well, the Raiders. But things have changed, son.

After multiple 3 and outs for the Chargers and extensive big plays on offense and defense for the Raiders, it was clear this game was not going to please the home town ticket holders. Carson Palmer looked like he wanted to prove something in his first prime-time appearance since being acquired in a trade with Cincinnati. He threw 2 touchdown passes to Denarius Moore, and was a yard short of 300 passing yards for the night.

Being the first Thursday game of the year, Gridiron Experts was a little rushed going through the weekly motions. Our picks needed to be in earlier, our Start’em Sit’em players had to be studied and completed faster, and last but not least one of our sites most hidden gems, the Waiver Wire challenge article, didn’t have time to be showcased. Usually this is no big deal…but I had finally made a great sleeper pick-up: Denarius Moore

The Waiver Wire Challenge is a weekly article that competes our writing staff against each other for finding the best waiver wire pick-ups that are owned by less than 30% of ESPN Fantasy owners.

The Chargers are now at their wits end. They have dropped multiple games, and now find themselves looking up at divisional teams in the standings. The Chargers are the Eagles of the AFC: all show no dough.


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