Cowboys Upset Super Bowl Champs Opening Night

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Published: September 6, 2012

Kevin Ogletree

Cowboys Upset Giants: 24-17

The entire pre-game lead up to the start of the 2012 NFL season featured highlights and constant back-and-forth chatter about how the New York Giants were not getting the respect they deserved. We all know the Cinderella story, the Giants were on the version of not even making playoffs last year, and yet found a way to run the table to win Super Bowl XLII…but that was all last year.

The Dallas Cowboys are 35-17-1 in season openers, best mark in the NFL and a stat we should have all not over looked.

The first half was filled with miscues and tough defense stops. There was a vibe that neither team really wanted to make a mistake early on, that is until each team traded a turnover. It wasn’t until maybe the middle of the second half that the game started to take shape. With offense line troubles, the Dallas Cowboys seemed to be making plays and adjustments on the fly. Cowboys center Phil Costa left the game early with back problems which essentially disrupted teams game plan. Yet, the Giants never took advantage of the Cowboys struggling first-half offense. You could tell Eli Manning needed a extra second to scan the field as the Cowboys news corners made things difficult. The end result was Dallas finding rhythm with the run game and a surprise breakout performance by Kevin Ogletree who stole the show with eight catches for 114 yards and two touchdowns

Quick thoughts

  • If DeMarco Murray can run for 131 yards with a broken offense line and against a tough defense, than there is no doubt in my mind he will have a massive breakout season.
  • Victor Cruz had a terrible night. He was constantly looking up-field before committing to the catch. His focus must’ve been on new salsa moves as his head wasn’t in the game.
  • Eli Manning‘s off night can be credited to the Dallas Cowboys to news starting corners: Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr both played excellent football.
  • Kevin Ogletree her huge fantasy game, although repeating such performance is highly unlikely. Witten and Austin were banged up forcing extra targets to be sent Kevin Ogletree’s way. He will make the must-have waiver wire list but as far as a weekly starter… it’s too early.
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