Fantasy Risk

Risky Business: The 2014 All Injury Risk Fantasy Team

As with any investment, building your fantasy portfolio includes assessing your appetite for risk and taking calculated chances. A player with a history of injury issues will often be available at a discount on draft day, if you are willing to assume the risk that a propensity for missing games could continue.

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Roddy White Falcons

Is Roddy White Still A PPR Asset?

Greatness can be a fragile thing. From the decline of the Roman Empire to legendary boxer Mike Tyson getting upset by James “Buster” Douglas, once you’re the king of the hill the only place to go is down. To say that Roddy White has been a disappointment thus far would be an understatement.

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Matt Ryan Fantasy

Falcons Lose Left Tackle Baker for Season

Following a 14-yard pass play to Julio Jones, left tackle Sam Baker remained on the field and ultimately had to be taken to the locker room on a cart. After initially being diagnosed with a hyperextended right knee, it was later revealed that Baker tore his patellar tendon, ending his season.

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Colin Kaepernick

49ers Offense Primed for Kaepernick Takeover

Despite a very small sample of Hyde in this offense, it was easy to envision Carlos Hyde and Frank Gore having their way with opponents in 2014. The duo should wreak havoc on defenses in an aggressive smash mouth attack this season.

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EJ Manuel

Preseason Opener Fantasy Recap

Do I need to say it? Ok, I will… This fantasy recap of the first preseason game of 2014 should be taken with the a grain salt. Clearly there is rust. Teams are trying to get back into game form and last nights matchup between the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants wasn’t exactly a display…

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Fantasy Football

Five Fantasy Veterans to Target Early

As draft day draws ever closer, fantasy owners start to get wrapped up in trying to find that next hidden gem. Sometimes it’s a rookie. Sometimes it’s that guy who’s “guaranteed” to break out in his third year. My question is, what about the guys who are already here?

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Carlos Hyde Fantasy 2014

Opportunity Knocks for Carlos Hyde

The San Francisco 49ers opened training camp last week with one the deepest stable of running backs in the NFL, but over the weekend that group was thinned out considerably.

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Brandin Cooks Fantasy

Brandin Cooks Impresses Drew Brees Early

There is no question that Brandin Cooks has the potential to surpass Kenny Stills’ rookie numbers and step up into a starting role immediately in his rookie season. The only cause for concern in terms of fantasy production is the crowded house that is the Saints offense.

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Cecil Shorts Fantasy

Cecil Shorts Out: Fantasy Ripple Effect?

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Cecil Shorts is expected to miss several weeks after being forced from practice on Friday. The Jaguars expect Shorts to be ready for the start of the season but his progress will be monitored.

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A.J Green Fantasy Football

Hue Jackson’s Fantasy Impact on A.J. Green

Remember last year when Bills’ OC Nate Hackett said they would be “running Spiller until he throws up”? This little comment caught fire, dug into the fantasy hive mind and lit the fuse under Spiller’s meteoric rise into the stratosphere of pre-season fantasy rankings.

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