Author - Phil Stuczynski


Fantasy Limbo: Quarterback Edition

Fantasy Football Limbo: Quarterback Edition Things change Fast in this league. By the time I took the first draft on this article and actually started filling in the information below we had gone from no deal done, to the owners voting on a new CBA...

Ed Dickson

2011 Breakout PPR Players

If you are fortunate enough to be in a PPR (Point Per Reception) league then you already know it’s more important to do your research. Guys that fit great into a game plan and players with great match-ups are all the more important in a PPR league

Fantasy Football Sleepers

2011 “Must Have” Fantasy Sleeper Team

We all know that a fantasy football season is MADE in the draft and SALVAGED (or RUINED) with waiver wire pickups and late round sleepers. It’s not about having the best player, it’s about having the best roster top to bottom.


5 Fantasy Football RB’s To Expect Less From in...

There are always going to be players who produce and those who fail; players who surprise and those who meet expectations. Yet, the key to having a solid fantasy season is trying to correctly pick your fantasy football running backs. I'd expect less...

Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle Pryor to the Supplemental Draft

Terrelle Pryor Coming To The NFL While Terrelle Pryor to the supplemental draft is the big story, he isn’t exactly an easy player to peg. There are a lot of ups and downs about him, and depending on how you sift through the information, you could...


2011 NFL Draft Review: Cincinnati Bengals

The team has had questionable holes to fill here and there, but the greatest strategy for the team would have been buying insurance on their current talent so that they can avoid taking steps backwards. Don't forget this is a team that won the AFC...