Superbowl Yawn: Black Eyed Peas

While we all anticipate the Superbowl for various reasons — the gambling, the stakes, the game itself, the commercials — I’m more concerned with the interlude. That is, the Halftime Show. Superbowl Halftime Show’s seem tailor-made for people to complain about. The country’s aesthetic tastes are too diverse for everyone to be happy and in…

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What Super Bowl Match-up Do You Want?

I can’t lie, my enthusiasm for the NFL started to wane considerably towards the end of the regular season. Maybe because the suspense in seeing who would qualify for the post-season was virtually non-existent, or my fantasy football team was so disappointing, but I sort of mentally checked out by week fifteen. But that’s in…

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NFL Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings I like how offended the masses seemed to be – everyone from Ed Rendell to your impartial NFL observer – by the concept of an NFL game on a Tuesday. You would have thought from the collective faux-outrage that Goodell decreed that they shrink the playing field by forty yards. There hasn’t…

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Power Rankings Week 16

Power Rankings Week 16 I’m at the point where in doing these rankings, I don’t even glance at the overall standings. They border on irrelevance when comparing and contrasting teams. This isn’t to say they’re inconsequential, they are obviously. But in terms of determining who would beat who in a one game playoff, for roughly…

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Power Rankings Week 15

Power Rankings Week 15 Only three weeks left in the season, at this point I’m hoping the NFC can produce a worthy competitor in the Superbowl. If we can’t get a Atlanta-Philly NFC title game, I’m hoping it’s New Orleans. The matchup seems epic, and the Saints would have the experience to match New England…

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Power Rankings

Gridiron Experts Power Rankings There hasn’t really been an overriding theme in the last couple weeks of the NFL season. But given the matchups, the contenders managed to separate a little from the pretenders in week thirteen. While last week we couldn’t distinguish the #1 team from the #7 , this week New England, the…

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Power Rankings: Better Late Than Never

NFL Power Rankings At the time I’m writing this, every single headline on ESPN’s NFL page pertains to various injuries around the league. Clearly the NFL is built and ready for an eighteen game season, there’s absolutely no way things could go wrong. Not time for an actual intro this week, let’s get right to…

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Troy Smith Gives The 49er’s A Chance

Troy Smith Gives The 49er’s A Chance After starting off the season 1-5, the San Francisco 49ers are now 4-7. This turnaround might seem insignificant, as they’re still three games below .500 and the best they could finish is two games over. Still, in a league driven by parity, the smallest of tweaks can turn…

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NFL Power Rankings Week 12

NFL Power Rankings Week 12 How long has it been since we had a week without an overtime game? Despite the theatrics of the Jags, Jets, Texans and Patriots wins, this past week sort of flew in the face of the parity theme, with only those four contests being settled by one score. Everything other…

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Week 11 Power Rankings

Gridiron Experts Power Rankings: Week 11 Now that we’re done with bye-weeks and everyone has played nine games, the field is starting to define itself. Currently there are twelve teams three games or more over .500, ten teams within a game of it and ten teams three games or more below. In short, picking 11-25…

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Power Rankings Week 10

I tweeted this yesterday, but the more I read, watch, listen to, the more it seems like it needs to be restated, particularly after the week nine games we just witnessed: With the exception of the Panthers, whom you couldn’t disregard more emphatically, every team is either over or underrated. If you’re a Packers fan…

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Self Destruct: Brad Childress and Mike Shanahan

I’m not really sure what’s happening in the NFL these days, but the climate is becoming more and more hostile. Perhaps it’s the looming lockout, or maybe the constantly growing media covering it, the economy probably isn’t helping matters either and all the uncertainty and insecurity that comes with unemployment; but whatever it is, if…

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