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Why Donald Trump Would Be Good For The Buffalo Bills

Generation Text isn’t familiar with Jim Kelly. They don’t remember the four straight Super Bowls. When they hear Buffalo they think of the wings, not the team. The most relevant football story in Buffalo is the frustrating fantasy time-share between C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson.

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NFL Salary vs. Legacy

We’re in awe of these athletes. It’s why we defend them to the death on Twitter, buy their jerseys and always clear our schedules on Sundays. It’s why football transcends a mere game sometimes.

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I Believe in Tim Tebow

While Tebow was in college, my brother, my friends, even my teachers and I all agreed on Tim Tebow: we disliked him. He was a goody-two shoes who threw his religious beliefs in your face, front and center. He came from a college gimmick offense and had worse mechanics than American automobiles.

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Rookie Round Up: Panthers Cam Newton

It’s about mid August and the new version of the Madden video game has just been released. As your levels of fanhood are quite high, you’ve ordered a early copy. It arrives on your doorstep on Day One

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4 Early NFL Teams Winning the Off-Season

Arizona had long been linked to the Philly passer on the block. If Kolb lives up to the hype, than this move will pay dividends. In the weak NFC West, having a franchise quarterback automatically puts a team in a good position to win the division.

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Julio Jones

Rookie Round Up: Julio Jones & The Falcons

Publicly interested in acquiring a talented complimentary receiver, the Falcons saw wide out A.J. Green go off the board at four. The Cleveland Browns then sat at No. 6 with a need for Alabama wide receiver, Julio Jones.

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NFL Fraternity: The Who’s Who

Without those roles and duties, everything would fall apart. Organization and structure would be completely lost. However, beyond just an Xs and Os stand point; certain personalities make both associations more fun and enjoyable.

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NFL Looming Legacies: Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is considered by many to be the best QB in the league. However, Manning’s playoff performances since his 2006 championship have not been entirely deserving of that praise.

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Tom Brady

Tom Brady, The Modern Day Joe Namath

Every so often there comes an athlete who transcends their sport. Their presence is felt far beyond the playing field and their reach extends beyond their adoring fans. This distinction is what separates the accomplished athlete from a celebrity superstar.

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