Best and Worst Fantasy Rookies of 2010

Best and Worst Fantasy Rookies of 2010 Each year Fantasy owners gamble on the unpredictable nature of a NFL rookie. Some are drafted high, while others are sleepers lower on your fantasy draft board. Regardless of their future in the NFL, the eyes of  greedy “what have you done for me lately” fantasy owners are…

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Tebow’s New Haircut

Tebow’s New Haircut Mullet, crew cut, mohawk, braids, bald, buzzed, bowl cut, are all very common hair styles for the average male. But there is a new style, the Tim Tebow. Many are familiar with Tim Tebow’s business like hair style, nicely trimmed and brushed up in the front. But now Tim Tebow is part…

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Could Tom Brady Call it Quits Early?

With only one year remaining on his contract, could New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady call it a career after the 2010 season? Yes, he is only thirty-two years old (33 on August 3rd), which is considered young in life, but in football it is the age nearing the end of a career. If Brady…

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Dallas Cowboys: Super Bowl Bound?

The Dallas Cowboys will have the chance to attend Super Bowl XLV, which is being hosted in their state of the art stadium this year, but the real question is, will they be there as spectators or will they be there as players? The Cowboys have an incredible defense that can take them to the…

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Fantasy Football Profile: Calvin Johnson

Detroit Lions’ Calvin Johnson is considered to be one of the elite receivers in the league. Johnson has all the tools to make him very appealing to fantasy football owners, but this year the hype just hit the ceiling.

After the additions that Detroit made thus off-season, Johnson will become even harder for defenders to stop. Names like Nate Burleson don’t exactly instill fear into opponents, but his overall reliable nature gives the Lions a sure-handed veteran option receiver, something this team hasn’t had in years. Detroit has an offense that will be talked about all

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Fantasy Player Profile: Kevin Smith

Fantasy Player Profile: Kevin Smith Detroit Lion’s running back Kevin Smith has a lot of upside for the 2009 season. He has a new offensive coordinator, a new playbook and has left the rookie year jitters behind him. Smith had very impressive rookie numbers for being on a team that went 0-16. The RB rushed…

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Player Profile: Matt Cassel

Player Profile: Matt Cassel written by Ben Hoyt Matt Cassel is the current starting quarterback for the New England Patriots. But who is he? Cassel attended the University of Southern California from 2000 through 2005 and was the backup quarterback to Heisman Trophy winners Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart. He never made a start at…

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Most Underrated RBs of the Season

Most Underrated RBs of the Season written by Ben Hoyt There are many big name superstar running backs in the league today. There is LaDainian Tomlinson, Clinton Portis, Adrian Peterson, and the list goes on and on. But what about the little named guys, the underrated running backs. Most of these players, who you probably…

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The Draft of the Decade

The Draft of the Decade. written by Ben Hoyt   The 2004 NFL Draft is arguably the greatest draft class in the last decade.  It has been four and a half years since the draft, and the 2004 draft class has changed the NFL into a top notch league. There are many stars in the…

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The Future without Matt Millen

The Future without Matt Millen September 24, 2008 was no ordinary day in Michigan for Detroit Lions fans. That day was probably the greatest day for die-hard fans since making the playoffs back in 1999. Why? Matt Millen was fired as team president, CEO, and General Manager. As you may know, Matt Millen was possibly…

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