50 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team Names

Funny Fantasy Football Team NamesIt’s hard to think up great fantasy football team names, that’s why Gridiron Experts has created this list to help you not only make your leagues owners laugh, but create good luck for the season ahead.

Ideally, you want a fantasy team name that makes the other owners in your league fear you, but you don’t want to take yourself too seriously. You don’t want to set yourself up for any potential trash talk based on your own fantasy team name if and when you lose a week.

Believe it or not, many fantasy owners just throw in whatever they can think of for their team name, like “Team Steve”, or “Team Bob”; this, in my opinion, is one of the worst ways to start a fantasy season. A good rule for leagues is to pick a theme, like Game of Thrones, (check out GoT Fantasy Team names here) or the Office, Star Wars, whatever… just get something interesting that can change year to year to add that extra element to keep people interested.

True story: Eight years ago, I had drafted one of the best fantasy teams that I can recall, it was loaded at all positions and had great depth. Still, fantasy football is what it is and I found myself losing heartbreaking battles for the first five weeks of the season. I started the year 0-5. I had one of the highest points-for in the league, yet lost every week as I just so happened to play the best/luckiest team every Sunday. Instead of calling it a year or making a stupid trade, I decided to simply change my team name. It was a superstitious move to change-up the Zen (or whatever)… but it worked. I went on to win every game from then on out, falling just short in our Fantasy Football Super Bowl. I knew I had a powerhouse, I just needed to change the mojo.

Fantasy Football Team Names

1. Turn Down for Watt
2. Romosexual Tendencies
3. The Raymakers
4. My Ball Zach Ertz
5. Insane Clowney Posse
6. Brees Knees
7. Full Nelson Agholor
8. More Cushing for the Pushing
9. Over the Salary Kaep
10. Kardashian’s To Do List
11. Snakes on Reggie Wayne
12. It Ertz when Eifert
13. Blood, Sweat, and Beers
14. Jamaican Joique Chicken
15. Fairley Drunk
16. W.D. Forte
17. 2 Mannings 1 Cup
18. Big Gores Don’t Cry
19. Choo choo Choose you Ellington
20. Rice’s Elevator Rides
21. Jaquizz in my Pants
22. Robert Griffin the Turd
23. Discount Double Checks
24. Forgetting Brandon Marshall
25. The Jordy Nelson Mandelas
26. Rated R for Gore
27. Turn Your Head and Coughlin
28. Say My Namath
29. No Punt Intended
30. Murray Up Offense
31. Victorious Secret
32. Derpy Sanchez
33. Medulla Amendola
34. Tom Brady sits when peeing
35. Romo Witten His Pants
36. 30 pack of Matty Ice
37. Out of BORTles License Plates
38. It Hurns When I Pee
39. Lacy’d Up
40. Hard-Gore Porno
41. Delanie Walker, Texas Ranger
42. Demaryius Thomas the Tank Engine
43. Crest Pro Wittening
44. Saved By Le’ Bell
45. Can’t Keep a Blackmon Down
47. Tom Brady’s Inglorious Bastards
48. Hyde and Seek
49. All About the Benjamins
50. Asiata to Mouth

Fantasy Football League Names

  1. Frozen Tundra League
  2. No Ma’am League
  3. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  4. The League of Shadows
  5. The Office
  6. Testicles Required
  7. Old Man’s League
  8. The Armchair Quarterbacks
  9. The Gentleman’s Club
  10. The War Room
  11. Game of Thrones
  12. The Premier League
  13. Gronkowski Dance Party
  14. A Tribe Called Best
  15. Boldin the Beautiful


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