10 Things I Expect to See This NFL Season

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Published: September 3, 2012

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

The following are 10 things I expect to see throughout this year’s 2012 NFL season.

10. Tebow will steal Sanchez’s Thunder All Season Long

Tim Tebow may only make one pivotal play that converts a difficult redzone opportunity for a score, but it will be enough for many to call for a QB change all season. Mark Sanchez is about to become the unappreciated housewife of the New York Jets. Sanchez could have an excellent season and lead the team to the playoffs, but if Tebow does anything worthy of a white-guy high five, the New York fanbase will demand a change.

9. Replacement Referees will Blow a Game

Mind you, the regular referee’s did this each and every week last year, so the status of title from replacement to professional really doesn’t matter. Still, I bet we experience even more eye-rolling frustration.

8. Mike Vick will miss at least 3 games

Michael Vick will be wearing a new Kevlar flak jacket for Week 1. This jacket, designer by Rob Vito CEO of Unequal Technologies is supposedly guaranteed to prevent Vick from getting hurt. While I’m sure wearing a bullet proof vest will improve safety, I’m guessing Vick’s throwing motion will suffer from wearing medieval armor. Unless this jacket comes in a full body suit, I’m still expecting an injury to a knee, foot or hand this season. Fortunately, the Eagles have a very promising back-up quarterback in Nick Foles.

7. Andrew Luck will lead a two minute offensive drive to win a game

Everything I have seen from Andrew Luck so far has led me to believe that the Indianapolis Colts made a very smart move in letting go of Peyton Manning and reinvesting in youth. Andrew Luck doesn’t need good luck, he has abundant talent.

6. Cam Netwon will regress [slightly]

There really is no where to go but down. Cam Netwon’s numbers were unhuman and his sophomore season will consist of trying to recapture some of the amazing things he did a year ago. I think defense’s will be a little more prepared this time.

5. Monday Night Football will feature more boring games

I truly believe that ESPN and Monday Night Fo0tball are cursed. For the last two years, MNF has had the unfortunate luck of blowouts, injuries or defensive snooze-fests. Looking at the schedule, I expect more bad games this season.

4. Mystery team will start strong, yet crash and burn

Remember the Bills last year? There is a team like that every season. Bursting out of the gate with 5 maybe 6 wins in a row, only to fall flat on their face.

3. The Patriots will win 12 games with ease

Have you seen New England’s schedule? -it’s a joke. The Patriots play the NFC West and AFC South. What makes matters worse, the strongest teams from those divisions: the 49ers and Texans, are both playing the Patriots in Foxboro.

2. A Bad Mid-Season Trade

Let’s face it, the Carson Palmer to the Raiders trade wasn’t a good deal. The NFL trade deadline has been pushed back by two weeks which should allow for more fire sales or smaller market teams to build for the future and feel pressured to accept whatever compensation they can get.

1. Jerry Jones will Troll His CowboysJerry Jones

Jerry Jones is the most actively obsessed distraction in the NFL. Jones is always making things worse by steering the media off course with his ego and comments.

Just when Tony Romo, or another media-stricken Dallas Cowboy has eluded the spotlight after a bad game, Jerry Jones enters by throwing gas on the fire.

Tonight’s season opener looks like a tough match-up, only one of our writer’s is Picking the Cowboys to win and with the history of season openers and injuries to the Cowboys, this prediction may happen before the weekend


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