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Fantasy Football Trophies

Fantasy Football Trophies

The awards ceremony in each fantasy league along with the fantasy football trophies can vary from league to league. In all competitive sports the trophy differentiates the winners from the losers

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Draft Kings

DraftKings Sleeper Buys: NFL Divisional Round

Playoff time always presents a unique challenge for daily fantasy football addicts. Crafting a lineup is hard enough during the regular season, now you’re strapped creating a roster using just four games in the divisional round without every match-up even providing viable fantasy opportunity.

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Ben Roethlisberger

2014 QB Fantasy Recap

The following article features a chart of the 2014 fantasy football quarterbacks and their ADP (average draft position) with data taken from Fantasy Pros and their 2014 average fantasy points per game average taken from FFToday

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Gridiron Experts Podcast

Gridiron Experts Post Season Podcast

Mike Rigz and Jody Smith get together for a post fantasy season playoff DFS edition where each talk strategy for Draft Kings and Fanduel. There are only a couple more Daily Fantasy weeks left so make sure you get into a cheap $5 league for some playoff fantasy fun.

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Fantasy Player Rankings

Wildcard Weekend Fantasy Player Rankings

The following are Mike Rigz and Jason Willan’s Wildcard weekend fantasy player rankings. For those in any post-season fantasy leagues, check out where our top two writers have ranked this weeks elite players.

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Draft Kings

DraftKings Post Season Fantasy Challenge (Stage 3)

For the last two weeks the Gridiron Experts staff have been putting together a daily fantasy challenge for bragging rights. We figured all bitter fantasy owners that either didn’t make it to the post-season or lost in the playoffs have switched to playing daily fantasy and would enjoy checking out our DFS lineups.

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Xmas Links

Boxing Day Fantasy Links, Stats and Cheers

Gridiron Experts staff would like to thank all our readers and our awesome members that have made us who we are. 2015 is an exciting year for our site and we can’t wait to show you all the big changes that are coming. We look forward to crunching numbers and digging for sleepers for you again in 2015!

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NFL Holiday Gift Ideas

7 Awesome NFL Holiday Gift Ideas

It goes football, turkey, more turkey, then Boxing Day shopping at my household. No, my family is not the “wait in line all night” people you see outside a Best Buy, we’re online shoppers. So, I guess technically we’re Cyber Monday shoppers -or whatever.

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NFL Blockbuster

Daily Fantasy Sports Changing the Game of Betting

Where Fanduel was once the lead dog with about a dozen companies battling for the second spot, DraftKings has now emerged as a competitive rival in the daily fantasy sports landscape. They can proudly call themselves a close 2nd to Fanduel and are not to be taken lightly.

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Fantasy Football Breakdown

Maximum Value Match-Up: Week 16

This is it, folks. If you’re reading this, you either enjoy masochism or you are in the finals of your fantasy football league. You’ve spent all season building a contender, and you’ve clearly done a pretty good job, so let’s not waste time this week.

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Fantasy Football Sleepers

Week 16: Flex Sleepers

Championship Week has arrived! Here we are, pondering which guys to insert into our flex positions. So let’s get down to business and go win some titles!

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